The demands on your network Server consolidation can bring definitive ROI to your organization and CCS has the products, technologies and services to help customers reach their consolidation goals. We help customers to leverage the power of IBM technology and consolidate to a common architecture of fewer, more powerful, and better utilized hardware, software and storage systems. We'll work closely with your IT teams to perform an analysis that will identify all systems capacity, utilization and storage capacity so we can ensure maximized ROI with better systems utilization and decreased operating costs.

Server consolidation with CCS ensures:

  • Reduced Costs - We make more effective use of IT resources, lowering total cost of ownership with fewer assets to manage and fewer software licenses in a less complex and easier to manage environment.
  • Increased Service levels - systems can become more reliable, software more available and services can scale to meet customers needs.
  • Improved Manageability - Standardizing server infrastructure makes better use of staff time and resources, while simplifies training. You can grow your infrastructure at a faster pace.
CCS uses IBM LPAR technology and VMWare to allow server and storage assets to be fully optimized. Put CCS server consolidation services to work for your business. Call us today at 1-800-247-0042.

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