An IT infrastructure has many touch points within an organization, from email systems and management of business critical applications to systems and data management. Networking and security challenges must be met as well as systems back-up and disaster recovery procedures. Looking across an enterprise and understanding the intricacies of IT architectures as well as the necessary technology and how it will serve an enterprise is where CCS excels.

Infrastructure solutions require a deep knowledge of various platforms, technologies, hardware and software. Our extensive relationships with various partners whose expertise and technologies make up the components of a robust, high performing enterprise, is the core of what makes CCS uniquely qualified as a foremost infrastructure solutions provider.

Network Planning and Design - CCS can help you plan and design your network from the ground up or can help augment network expansion. We'll provide complete specifications and support you right through final implementation.

Networking Equipment - Working closely with partners such as CISCO, Toshiba and IBM, we will bring all the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure and optimize an efficient network infrastructure.

Security - Let CCS work with you to identify gaps in security and to prioritize security concerns and ensure the right technology to protect your most precious IT assets.

Systems Management and Storage - Working with partners such as Tivoli, Brocade, Emulex, EMC and others, CCS will make sure your systems management policies are enforced and that you have the storage capacity to support your enterprise.

High Availability - There is no replacement for ensuring highly available systems and data and it is a critical part of any infrastructure solution. CCS has many high availability services and IT Products available through its many partners.

VMWare - VMWare software is used throughout the enterprise -- from the desktop to the data center -- to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) of computing infrastructure by maximizing its manageability, flexibility, and efficiency. As a CCS partner, we have extensive experience in utilizing VMWare as a crucial part of infrastructure solutions. VM Runs on virtual machines spread across one or more PC's and helps you save money, while gaining greater flexibility and control over your computing resources.

IBM BRMS (Back Up and Recovery Media Services) - As one of IBM's first BRMS partners, CCS brings one of the most robust services for ensuring the integrity of IBM Systems and your data:
  • Back up spooled files
  • Step by step report for recovering entire systems
  • Reduce back up window with parallel saves
  • Back up Lotus Notes while in use

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