Networking keeps your systems, people and IT resources connected and the right networking products increase efficiency across your entire organization. CCS sells a full range of networking equipment so you can manage your systems more effectively both for Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks. We understand the intricacies of networking and can assist you in ensuring that the right networking equipment is carefully integrated within your systems architecture.

Beyond just selling you networking equipment, we can provide installation and consulting services as we have a great deal of networking expertise. We can work with you to analyze your present and future networking needs, evaluate security risks, and help you design the appropriate network infrastructure. Our teams are ready to assist you with complete networking solutions including a full complement of cables, routers, and hubs as well as specialized networking equipment through CISCO or Nokia.

Cisco network management products help networks provide superior return on investment and productivity gains through automation of routine or previously manual tasks, simplification and integration of complex network elements, and by taking advantage of software intelligence throughout the network.

Cisco IOS Software
Cisco IOS Software is the network infrastructure software that provides intelligence to Cisco network devices-from routers and switches to firewalls, gateways, wireless devices, and other types of network nodes. Cisco IOS Software is highly reliable and adaptable-helping your business network support secure multimedia communications and transactions with employees, customers, and vendors anytime, anywhere.

Nokia Firewall/VPN Appliance
Nokia Firewall/VPN appliances are security specific devices delivered onsite with all the necessary security software, hardware drivers and IP routing pre-installed for out of the box deployment. The Nokia Firewall/VPN appliance allows enterprises to define and enforce a single, centrally managed comprehensive security policy while providing full, transparent connectivity. They are secure, scalable appliances with sophisticated network security management capabilities that are easy to install and deploy. Nokia platforms integrate leading Firewall and VPN software from Check Point Software Technologies into a high-performance, high-availability, easy-to-deploy security appliance. Remote configuration and management makes implementation simple, regardless of network size.

APPLIANCE - STORServer is your one source solution for backup, archive and disaster recovery (DR) of enterprise data. Unlike typical backup products, the STORServer is an "appliance" solution, integrating all components required for backup, archive and DR. The appliance includes all hardware and software, with options for installation, training, and support.

PREMIERE SOFTWARE ENGINE - STORServer partners with Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), the industry-leading backup, archive and DR software. The STORServer backup appliance combines TSM software with customer specific hardware components, making the STORServer appliance a cost efficient, scalable solution for all sizes and levels of enterprise.

ALL DATA, EVERYWHERE - STORServer models come network, NAS, SAN and production ready in just 15 minutes. All of your data is online for easy and fast restores, with a copy in your DR location. Users and system administrators alike can request restores without operator intervention. No more full backups required because you already have everything on-line.

QUICK ROI - The STORServer appliance is a cost efficient, reliable solution that saves time and eliminates the hassle of working with multiple vendors. Please contact us today for more information and to connect with a STORServer authorized reseller near you.

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