CCS has extensive relationships with many of the leading software vendors in the industry. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we bring particular expertise with software solutions that allow you to maximize performance on IBM systems. In addition to IBM solutions, we also represent a variety of other software vendors.

Increase collaboration and human interaction by bringing people together with messaging, calendaring & scheduling and collaborative applications -- while lowering the total cost of your messaging and collaboration infrastructure.

Lotus WorkPlace
Instant team collaboration Web conferencing, instant messaging & team workplaces Collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, trading partners and customers through Web conferencing, instant messaging, team workplaces and presence awareness to speed business decisions and generate results.

IBM's DB2 database software is full-featured, robust, scalable and easy to use. As the market share leader, DB2 provides the foundation of information on demand on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms. DB2 UDB is specially designed and priced to meet your business needs whether large or small.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management protects your organization's data from hardware failures and other errors by storing backup and archive copies of data on offline storage. Scaling to protect thousands of computers running a dozen OS platforms, its intelligent data movement and store techniques, and complete automation, reduce administration costs while increasing service levels. Tivoli storage products are unmatched in providing a combination of scalability, intelligent data technology, disaster preparation, and broad platform and application support, all through one centralized, automated solution.

IBM WebSphereŽ is the leading software platform for e-business on demand, delivering a proven, secure and reliable software portfolio.

Providing a responsive and comprehensive e-business platform, WebSphere software evolves to meet the demands of companies faced with challenging and continually changing business environments. Companies requiring a strong foundation and tools to reduce business risk, business portal software to strengthen business relationships, and business integration software to optimize operations.

VMware's virtual infrastructure architecture enables business to lower IT cost through increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. Managing a virtual infrastructure enables IT to connect resources to business needs quickly. With virtual infrastructure, IT organizations can provision new services and change the amount of resources dedicated to a software service. Your data center can be treated as a single pool of processing, storage and networking power.

Adopting virtual infrastructure lets IT be responsive to business needs:

  • 60-80% utilization rates for Intel servers up from today's 5-15%
  • Provisioning times for new applications measured in tens of seconds, not days
  • Response times for change requests measured in minutes
  • Zero-downtime hardware maintenance without waiting for maintenance windows

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