We develop powerful ecommerce solutions whether B2B or B2C with specific expertise in web information design, usability and technology solutions. Utilizing solutions such as IBM Websphere for Linux, we can integrate eCommerce applications that can encompass the integration of complex data sources, including vast product and customer data as well as integration into back-end systems for order management, billing and customer relationship management.

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WebSphere Solutions

Affordable. Fast-to-implement. Profitable. These are just a few of the reasons businesses like yours choose Computer Configuration Services to take full advantage of the benefits of e-business.

Whether you’re responsible for information technology or for business development, you can create an infrastructure that meets today’s needs and is ready for tomorrow’s growth. How? Take full advantage of IBM WebSphere Business Integration and IBM WebSphere Portal powered by IBM WebSphere software technology and see how the Web can help your business grow. It’s easy to get started.

Business Integration is the heart of e-business on demand? It's about integrating data, applications, processes and people across and beyond your company, giving you the power to leverage existing IT investments while having the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing business conditions. IBM and CCS offer an integrated portfolio of products to deliver all six integration capabilities and the core service oriented infrastructure: model, transform, integrate, interact, manage and accelerate.

CCS can quickly customize, configure and implement your solution to help you build e-business on demand. We’ll design your solution to meet your specific business goals and help you get to ROI faster, as you:

  • Build a high performance Web resource
  • Improve customer loyalty, service and communications
  • Reach new markets through enhanced e-commerce capabilities
  • Integrate within your organization and with partners and suppliers
  • Provide a multi-platform infrastructure for e-business
  • Go wireless
CCS solutions together with IBM WebSphere, are built on open standards, so you can leverage resources you already have and take advantage of future technologies. You’re not locked in.

Consider IBM WebSphere Business Integration and IBM WebSphere Portal. IBM WebSphere products are supported on OS/400, AIX, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Contact CCS today and learn about our solutions for e-business. Just send us an e-mail sales@ccseservers.com or give us a call at: 1-800-274-0042.

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