CCS Managed Services allows you to take much of the day-to-day technology burden off your IT resources freeing your time and resources to focus on what's really important - your business. Since 1987, CCS has built a solid reputation for delivering comprehensive information technology solutions in the IBM midrange markets and as well as most other major platforms.

Your hardware, software, and data reside in a reliable and secure environment under the constant care and supervision of trained and experienced CCS professionals. Our Class A data center ensures protection of your IT assets with restricted physical access to only designated individuals with CCS or your company. Reliability and availability are enhanced through the use of modern HVAC and fire suppression equipment as well as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units that filter and condition power and supply electricity to all critical equipment until backup generators can start and stabilize.

CCS has the expertise to architect and implement a plan that will meet your security, performance, and budget requirements. Our managed services include:

Data and Application Protection - CCS employs advanced tape technology to provide fast and reliable data and application backups. Tapes are rotated on a one-week schedule with full system backups performed at least once per month or on another schedule at your request. Tape rotation schedules include offsite bank vault storage for the ultimate in protection.

MAPS (Managed Application Services) - Avoid costly start-up cost or offset application management costs with MAPS. Run your applications on CCS enterprise class hardware and we'll manage all the updates of the software and systems, even for your most mission critical applications.

MOPS (Managed Operations) - A cost effective alternative for managing existing systems or legacy systems while new systems are being implemented. We take care of all maintenance, software and hardware updates and make sure the applications and data are always available when you need them.

Remote High Availability - Reduce up front costs of implementation, and install and run high availability solutions with CCS. These include Lake View Technology's MiMiX software as well as other leading high availability solutions. We also have expertise with DataMirror, Vision Solutions, and Itera.

24 X 7 Hotline Support - Not just unfamiliar voices on the other end of the phone, but skilled resources with a minimum of 7 years of data center management available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We operate from a working knowledge of your infrastructure, so when you need technical assistance, it is a phone call away.

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